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Be a global and innovative business leader 

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do. So we make things possible for you and your business. The 4xi communication services imply using the full potential of the access to exclusive information, getting visible on the international market, employing all the tools of the Internet and innovating permanently.


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Act on time

In order to face competition, you must react quickly and coherently. We help you act on time in order to use your full potential and take use of all the opportunities available.


In a fast-changing world, we are forced to adapt. Individual and businesses have to innovate in order to remain on top.

Added value

Investing in a better communication implies costs. We provide the added value necessary for you and your business in a cost-effective partnership.

About i Communication

We are a multi-service and multi-channel communication company. Providing a business partnership based on a full range of tools, our company’s 4xi business services are offering our partners access to exclusive information, international visibility, extended Internet instruments and the full use of the potential of innovation. About i Communication is a company focussed on generating a visible added value for our partners.

Involved in making our partnership a success