The 4xi communication strategy and technology


Regulatory affairs & exclusive agenda

Every situation is different and needs the right tools. Our company provides you with the keys to the successful development strategy by providing you with updated information, regulatory affairs expertise and access to an exclusive agenda.

Internet & Innovation
Online & offline creative elements

Creativity is the new safe heaven in an environment rapidly changing. Our company is capable to provide a wide range of creative instruments making you and your business an innovative leader in your field.

Growing your action internationally

There is a time when you and your business have to go global. Our company provides help to get access to new financing, finding international partners, getting to a new market, crowdfunding or making an IPO.

Easy to Build Global Business.

About i Communication has the capacity to provide a wide-range of innovative online and offline instruments enabling you to go global or act locally.

Finding a partner

You have an idea that you want to turn into a business project. We can help you develop it further by guiding you in the right direction or finding you the partner that can turn things into reality.


Everyone is on the internet but you feel you can do more. We provide you with all the tools to become the next online hit. Online marketing, website creation, content management helps us build your future e-reputation.

Growing the numbers

You know that you can grow the numbers of your business with the right expertise. Our company provides you with the most innovative public relations instruments that can help you get to the top.

Strategic Development

Developing a business is not always easy. In order to go beyond the limits of the existing know-how you can always look for expertise at our team. We provide you with a strategic approach enabling you to develop your activities at local or global level using the most innovative online and offline tools.

International Services

Our team has a long experience in dealing with European and international partners. We can help your investment in Romania, supply the expertise to go internationally, keep you updated on the recent global evolutions in your field or advice you on how to procede with your local/international partners. 

Special Features

People to people

Networking is key in the success of a business. We are here to help you find the right path.


We do not simply sign contracts. We do business partnerships.


We can provide you with the strategy to help you and your business get access to financing.


In order to go beyond your limits you need support. We are there when you need us.

Development Strategy

About i Communication has a long experience in international and public relations, business management and international public affairs. We take pride in delivering creative development strategies focussed on the long term success of our partners.

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Now You Know Us
Plan for the future.

It is time to plan together. In order to make our meeting a successful one imagine how you see yourself and your business evolve. Our company will turn it into reality.

Make it online
Manage your e-reputation

Do you search for people or companies on the online research engines? Imagine that others do the same. It is time to give a bigger attention to your first impression. No worries. We can help you with that.

Some of our partners

Our company has a multitude of partners interested in the full range of our communication tools. From strong multinational companies to fast growing SME’s, from social initiatives to dynamic websites, the list of our partners is growing every day. 

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